Chapter 2: Route 101, Oldale, and Route 103

Now that you have your Starter Pokémon, you’re ready to hit the road and begin your adventure! Prof. Birch has already set you on a course: find May or Brendan (your rival) on Route 103.

In order to reach Route 103 and find May or Brendan, you’ll need to first pass through Route 101 and a tiny village called Oldale.

Route 101

You can begin battling Pokémon at this point — and after obtaining Poké Balls, you’ll also be able to return to this area and add to your team and collection!

What Pokémon are on Route 101?

Pokémon Location Levels Rate Games

#261 Poochyena

Tall Grass 2-3 10% R/S
Pokémon Location Levels Rate Games

#263 Zigzagoon

Tall Grass 2-3 45% R/S
Pokémon Location Levels Rate Games

#265 Wurmple

Tall Grass 2-3 45% R/S


1. Train your Starter Pokémon

Route 101 offers the perfect chance to begin training your Starter Pokémon. The Pokémon in this area are low-leveled, most just a couple levels beneath that of your Starter. This means they should be relatively easy to defeat in battle and give your Pokémon a little boost in experience points.

You’ll want to prepare your Pokémon for when you reach your rival, as you will be battling each other once you meet.

When can I catch Pokémon in Ruby and Sapphire?
Before you can begin collecting Pokémon, you’ll need a Pokédex! You’ll obtain the Pokédex after battling your rival on Route 103.

2. Reach Oldale

You’ll want to head North toward Oldale, the tiny village that will connect you to Route 103.


Oldale is a tiny village with a couple houses, a Pokémon Center and a Pokémon Mart. To the West of Oldale is Route 102, but it’s no use exploring it yet as a man will be blocking the way until you find your rival. Route 103 is to the North.

Heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center

If you’ve been training your Pokémon, you’ll want to stop by the Pokémon Center (look for the red roof) and speak to the lady behind the counter. She’ll restore your Pokémon’s HP and clear any status conditions like Sleep, Poison, Burn, etc.

As you journey through Hoenn, keep an eye out for Pokémon Centers to heal your Pokémon.

You’ll want to make sure your Pokémon is fully healed before proceeding to Route 103, as you’ll be facing against your rival once you find them.

Stock up at the Pokémon Mart

The Pokémon Mart is full of useful items you can take with you on your adventure. These items vary depending on the location, but they tend to include Potions (which will help you heal your Pokémon) and Poké Balls that you can use to catch new Pokémon.

TRAINER TIP: Get a free Premier Ball!
Purchase 10 Poké Balls from Oldale’s Pokémon Mart and the cashier will give you a free Premier Ball.


1. Snag a free Potion

As you enter Oldale, you’ll see a house to the right. Enter the house and speak to the man inside to get a free Potion.

2. Journey North to Route 103

There are two exits out of Oldale. The Northern exit is the one you want to take to find May or Brendan on Route 103

Route 103 (Western Side)

You’ve reached Route 103! This Route is divided in half by water. You won’t be able to reach the Eastern side of the route until later in the game.

What Pokémon are on Route 103?

Pokémon Location Levels Rate Games

#261 Poochyena

Tall Grass 2-4 30% R/S
Pokémon Location Levels Rate Games

#263 Zigzagoon

Tall Grass 2-4 60% R/S
Pokémon Location Levels Rate Games

#278 Wingull

Tall Grass 2-4 10% R/S


1. Find your rival

May or Brendan will be at the edge of the tall grass in the Northwest corner of this area.

2. Battle your rival

Your rival will challenge you to a quick battle. Their Starter Pokémon will depend on the Starter Pokémon you chose at the beginning of the game. They’ll always have the type-advantage over your Starter Pokémon.

Your rival’s Pokémon:

Starter PokémonNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Pokémon Lv. Moves Item


  • Pound
  • Leer
Pokémon Lv. Moves Item


  • Scratch
  • Growl
Pokémon Lv. Moves Item


  • Tackle
  • Growl

4. Receive the Pokédex

Regardless of whether you win or lose, you and your rival will both return to Prof. Birch’s lab in Littleroot Town.

Prof. Birch will give you a Pokédex which will allow you to catalog the Pokémon you catch throughout the game. Your rival will hand you a Poké Ball, allowing you to finally begin catching Pokémon.

5. Put on them Running Shoes

As you exit the lab and head out of Littleroot Town, you mom will stop you and give you a pair of Running Shoes. You’ll be able to move through the map much faster while holding down the B Button. It’s a massive improvement over the slow-moving characters in Pokémon Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, and Crystal!

6. Head to Route 102

You’ll want to return to Oldale and take the path to Route 102.

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